Pre-Bambino Training (3-5)

25 minutes

(Available for 3-5 year old's)

If your little one is crazy about driving, you can now give them a taste, of being in control of the wheel. An exciting experience learning new skills, ready for when they can upgrade to our faster, petrol karts. 

Kart hire - Electric pre-bambino
Kit hire - (helmet, racesuit and a *neck brace.) Additional kit, nitrile gloves and balaclavas can be purchased upon arrival. *Balaclava and gloves are mandatory.
Safety briefing - You will spend a little bit of time on listening how to drive a go-kart safely. (Young or inexperienced individuals may require an extended briefing.)

Driving at top speeds of 6 to 10mph, 1:1 marshal guidance, a seatbelt and an emergency cut off button. They can safely enjoy themselves riding around our track, knowing they are safe and nobody will bump into them.


The pre-bambino is available to book Monday to Thursday, and Friday's (Subject to availability) during dry weather. This kart is solo on track due to health and safety and can not mix with petrol karts.

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